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Using your Happy Tourist SIM card in Thailand

Getting a local SIM card in Thailand can be a little daunting, not to mention confusing. This article aims to point tourists and expats in the right direction with regards to buying and setting up your Happy Tourist SIM. Many local networks provide inexpensive SIM cards, and many of the principles outlined will work for other networks such as AIS and Truemove, but the information contained herein is specific to the Dtac Network.


DTAC is the second largest mobile phone provider in Thailand, and since January 31, 2015, all SIM cards in Thailand must be registered. This is no big deal and can be done when you purchase your SIM card from either a Dtac, 7 Eleven or FamilyMart stores. You can order one in advance, to be collected at the airport, but this isn’t necessary because they can be picked up almost anywhere. You will need your passport when registering, so remember to take it along with you when buying your SIM.


There are three types that can be purchased:


• 50 baht - SIM card only

• 199 baht - 7 Day free unlimited internet 500mb Max

• 299 baht - 7 Day free unlimited internet 1.5GB Max plus 100 baht credit.


In Thailand ‘unlimited’ refers to the download speed rather than the amount of download allowance you can have.



Happy Sim Packet

Failure to register your SIM means you will be unable to use data or make calls. Anyone that has purchased a prepaid SIM card in Thailand, before January 2015, must provide their personal details before July 31st. This does not apply to those people on contracts.


Warning: Some smartphones may ask you if you would like to automatically change its settings in accordance with the new Sim. Tap no and do it manually because sometimes it may change your phone's language to Thai.


Written by Paul Raftery

How to use your Happy Sim scratch card


• Scratch away the silver to reveal your ID No. e.g. 676934

• Locate the number above the ID (Serial Number) e.g. 14231 87869

• Dial *100* Serial No. / ID No. # Call (No spaces)


E.g *100*6769341423187868# Call (No Spaces)


If you have trouble getting your mobile internet to work, you will need to visit a Dtac store and they will be happy to set it up for you. To find the closest Dtac store you can use the online Store Locater.


To setup your phone or tablet manually:


DTAC (GPRS) APN settings:


• username: (blank)

• password: (blank)

• APN name:

• authentication: PAP (if it doesn't work with CHAP)


(Visit Youtube for general guidance with APNs)

Useful info: Top up any phone online for any provider at:

Both SIMs come with 100 baht calling credit valid for 35 days after activation. It comes with a leaflet outlining some basic information for getting started. If you misplace it you can see an online version on the Dtac Website.


Once you have registered you are all set to go. Depending on your package you can use your phone or tablet for the duration of your trip (7 or 15 days). For longer stays, or if you run out of credit, you can top-up at any of the stores mentioned above.


Once your SIM is activated you will receive several text messages containing useful information. One of these will contain your Dtac Wifi login information. Depending on your top-up package, you will be entitled to log into the free Wifi service whenever you visit an area that provides this service. See online for a full list of Dtac Wifi coverage.


Unfortunately the Dtac website doesn’t provide all of the many mobile internet options available. For a comprehensive list of broadband packages available see below.


For all other information regarding the Dtac network and your Happy Tourist SIM visit:

Happy Scratch 0032

Topping up your Happy Tourist Sim


Topping up is a piece of cake. You can top-up online using the Dtac website, or simply drop into a 7 Eleven. In selected stores you will be able to top-up by dialing in your mobile number at the counter.

If you don’t have your number handy you can buy a scratch card. Top-ups are usually in denominations of 60/100/200/ 300/500 baht.

Happy Tourist and Dtac Mobile Internet Packages

Dial in the code for the package that best suits you.

Local call rates are charged at 0.99 baht per min, Internet (without a prepaid package) 2 baht per MB, excluding 7% VAT.


Calls to the UK are charged at 5 baht a min to Landlines and 7 baht a min to Mobiles.


Visit the website to check calling charges to other countries

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Last updated March 2017

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Price (baht)          Download          Dial Code


1 Day Package


19 baht  500 MB                              Press *104*881*9# dial

29 baht  1GB                                      Press *104*882*9# dial

49 baht  1.2GB                                   Press *104*29*9# dial


7 Day Package


79   baht                600mb               Press *104*883*9# dial

99   baht                1GB                       Press *104*884*9# dial

199 baht                1.2GB                    Press *104*28*9# dial

229 baht


30 Day Package


299 baht               2.5GB                    Press *104*353*9# dial

399 baht               4.5GB                    Press *104*21*9# dial

699 baht                  9GB                    Press *104*344*9# dial

799 baht                 12GB                    Press *104*343*9# dial


Enjoy music streaming with no data charges on all packages.


7 baht  (1 hour  unlimited)                Press *104*20# dial

9 baht  (2 hours  unlimited)             Press *104*861# dial

15 baht  (2 hours  unlimited)            Press *104*862# dial


Check Remaining Balance -            Press *101*9#

Emergency refill service –                Press *110*9#


Extend your Sim card validity for up to 12 months.


Please note: You must have sufficient calling credit before purchasing your required package.

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