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Web Design:

Nowadays it’s never been easier to have your very own slice of internet - your space on the World Wide Web that let’s everybody else know you’re out there. Whether for business or pleasure, online sharing has become an everyday occurrence and even the most basic of websites can let people know what you’re all about. Websites show your customers, and potential customers, what you have to offer. It can be your business card, your showroom or even your shop.

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Even high-street stores have benefited from having a website, by widening their circle of customers from a just a few miles to potentially hundreds of miles, or even worldwide, depending on your products or services. For instance, a fancy dress company may only hire to people in their local area. But, if someone (who just has to be a Jedi) must have the costume you have in stock, your customer radius grows dramatically. People 10 miles away may not even know you’re there until they do an internet search!


Having well-written information on your website is extremely important. After all, if you haven’t taken the time to build a professional website, how can your services be any good? Your website is the front line and an unappealing website that is difficult to read will have people bouncing from your homepage in just a few seconds, so making a good first impression makes all the difference.


Automated content writers are horrendous, even if they manage to produce something readable they are incapable of producing good, clean, crisp, hard-working copy that gives your customers reasons to dig into their wallets and buy your products or services, or join your organisation and so on.

For a limited time only, as a special promotion, Noble Wordsmiths is offering free websites (worth £500). This is based on a standard 5 web page package containing your Homepage, Services or Products, Portfolio, Photos, About Me and a Contact page, but other pages will be considered.


For those on a budget, websites can be created for as little as £225, depending on your needs. This is based on a standard 5 page website (no content) usually containing some of the following:


  • Homepage

  • Services

  • Portfolio

  • About Us/Me

  • Photos

  • News

  • Videos

  • Articles

  • Contact


Any further pages required will be charged per page. Extra pages are charged at £20 plus 6p per word. For bigger projects a day rate can be arranged. For fully customised websites please get into contact to discuss your needs.

Website packages can be arranged with fully written content produced by professional copywriters.

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