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Having an online presence is all important in today’s electronic world, and having a website that allows your customers to find out more about your company, your services or the type of products you sell is the simplest way of achieving this.


Webpages have two clear goals: one is to persuade people to buy your product or service and the other is to inform and educate. So depending on what you are offering you will have to write, or have written, specific content which connects with your target audience.


For instance, if your website is about nature walks, then your content will take on more of an informative style. However, if you’re selling something through your website, you will need specially written copy that uses certain selling techniques, which are proven to increase your sales and ultimately your profits.  


Of course most websites will need to combine both methods of writing throughout because companies often need to provide information about products or services to potential customers, in order for them to make an informed decision.


Facebook business pages are a great way of advertising by the ‘word of mouth’ system that social media is built upon - where people can share things they like with friends.


It is a valuable tool for spreading the word but is only one part of your overall marketing plan, using it to ultimately promote your website, whilst offering a personal service and friendly face when interacting with your customers.


Showing your potential customers your products, services, events or information with the option to buy, subscribe or simply to browse is the most accessible way for people see to what you’re all about.


Websites are a gateway to your company or organisation and many businesses depend on them to reach their target audience on a large scale.

Website Development

When it comes to online marketing website development plays a crucial role in your ability to reach your target audience.


Building upon your basic website increases your ability to reach potential customers looking for information, products or services provided on your website.


Starting with a handful of basic pages you can gradually build your website from just a few, to potentially several hundred, depending on your type of business. This increases your potential customer’s chances of finding you through the content you provide on your website, when using search engines such as Google.


For instance, a ladies fashion store that also sells products online may have pages on the website offering ‘Fashion Tips’ or a ‘What’s Hot This Month’ blog. Or maybe fashion articles that appeal to a younger audience or perhaps reviews of skin care products and so on.


By continually adding fresh content to your website you not only increase your sites chances of being found by the right people, you are also encouraging people to return again and again to read your fresh content – and of course buy your products.


So by having 100 pages on your website offering all kinds of useful information, you have 100 more chances of being picked up on Google, when people search for the kind of information you are providing. The more unique the content, and the more useful it is, ultimately determine how many people visit your site.


By attracting the right kinds of people you stand a greater chance of making a sale because these people are actively seeking out what you are offering.


As mentioned above, websites are a gateway to your company or organisation, and there are also gateways to your website through the use of social media, written articles posted on your site or blogs that people can follow, or simply find through Google searches. Every day there are more and more ways to get people on to your website and having a wide spectrum of online information not only increases your SEO chances but also your company’s success.

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