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From Marco Polo to Alan Whicker, travel writing has inspired generations of people to go out and see this beautiful planet of ours. However, for those 'armchair travellers' that would prefer to read about a place from the comfort of their own home; written travel stories have had their place on book shelves for centuries.


Today, we can book our own holidays online by the click of a button, and we can read reviews on the places we would like to go. Heck, we can even take a virtual tour on 'Google Street View' before we leave our homes.


Having well written and creative travel stories and reviews are what sell holidays, package tours, flights ... and even dreams. For travel writers, it is a passion for those who get to write

Writing that sells dreams

about such fantastic global destinations, in various formats, including personal experiences, travel reviews, blogs, travelogues, websites, magazines and so much more.


Travel writers are needed all over the world for their unique perspectives on the places they visit. Going abroad is a booming industry and with today’s technologies available, travellers want honest, up to the minute, first rate knowledge of the places they wish to go.


Fortunately for travellers (not so much for writers), a lot of major tourist attractions have been around for centuries leaving little more to be said, while hotels, bars, and prices are constantly changing from one year to the next.  

The expats guide to Chiang Rai

Nestled high in the northern most tip of Thailand is Chiang Rai, a small up and coming city that is becoming popular with Thais and expats alike. Positioned between the borders of Laos and Myanmar, Chiang Rai is situated 2km above sea level providing a more temperate climate in the winter months compared to the rest of Thailand.


Known locally as the golden triangle, the meeting point of the three countries is just two hours drive from the centre of Chiang Rai and is a popular tourist destination. A river forms a natural boundary between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar and is just a stone’s throw across.


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Living in Bangkok on a budget

Travelling to Bangkok is always going to be interesting and exciting and living there is quite a unique experience. The sticky weather is somewhat overbearing at times but is unheeded by the exceptional attractions that make Bangkok what it is.


The city itself is well involved in commerce, but its modernisation spliced with ancient architecture and history makes Bangkok a must see town.


It is easy for anyone to have a much romanticised notion of the Far East, possibly from books or movies. Unfortunately in this day and age Bangkok has been touched by the grasping hand of western consumerism, which can on occasion leave you with a feeling that you may have arrived a century too late!


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Glen Rosa and the Isle of Arran

The beautiful Bluebell Hotel gardens were designed and landscaped by Andrew Downing Jackson, an American horticulturist who, when travelling Europe in 1850, was commissioned to create the spectacular grounds that are unchanged to this day.


He was a celebrity of his time and his book ‘Cottage Residences’ (1842) was widely read and influenced a great deal of romantic architecture within the British countryside's garden design.


Take a stroll beyond the gardens to the 110 acres of woodland and parkland that is great for the whole family (dogs included), and enjoy the fine Scottish air with rich fragrant aromas of Spear Thistle and the sweet tropical scent of Gorse.


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The Death Railway

Excerpt from the book 'A learning curve' - by Paul Raftery


The original bridge is no longer there, having been destroyed by the Allies in the second world war. It was one of many built over several rivers for the Thailand-Burma Railway line. Built by the Japanese from June 1942 to October 1943.


The bridge, made famous in the 1957 Movie ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ staring Alec Guinness was no more significant in comparison to any of the other bridges on the railway line. But, due too its Hollywood notoriety is the most well known. The film itself is grossly incorrect when portraying the conditions that the men had to deal with, but it is a 1957 movie so what can people really expect?


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Cartoon Beach 054 Thailand 053 Sim phone

Getting a local SIM card in Thailand can be a little daunting, not to mention confusing. This article aims to point tourists and expats in the right direction with regards to buying and setting up your Happy Tourist SIM. Many local networks provide inexpensive SIM cards, and many of the principles outlined will work for other networks such as AIS and Truemove, but the information contained herein is specific to the Dtac Network. Read More

Using your Happy Tourist SIM card in Thailand