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Noble Proofreaders:

Whether it’s your all important documents, letters, articles, short stories or your first book's manuscript; proofreaders are there to add a fresh pair of eyes to your finished project avoiding potential embarrassment. When proofreading your documents, particular attention is paid to your:


• spelling and/or typing mistakes,

• punctuation and hyphenating errors,

• poorly presented text on the page,

• consistency of the layout,

• correct page references,

• possible factual inaccuracies.

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Our competitive rates start from 8p per word or £9 per hour. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

Featured proofreader

Most people think that proofreading is only about checking for spelling mistakes, which can be the easiest mistakes to spot. But as you can see (above) there are many situations where bloopers can slip through.


Of course, the world of publishing has entered the electronic era, and while some proofreading and editing is still done on paper, much is undertaken electronically. Noble Wordsmiths proofreads both on paper and directly onto your word processed document, saving you time and money.


Documents can be amended directly or notes and suggestions can be made on the document for you to change at your discretion.