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For the most part, email marketing attempts to sell products or services through promotion, though Public Relations writing can also be highly effective when spreading the word through newsletters, articles, digital advertising and so on.


One of the beautiful things about email marketing is that it's so interactive. You can initiate campaigns using videos, graphics, music, quizzes, a game or anything that will get your targeted client's juices flowing, allowing you to hand a message virtually to them as opposed to a website that only waits for customers to come in.


It is still one of the leading channels for communicating in business and, when correctly used, it can build loyalty and trust in your brand, by shaping relationships with your prospects - encouraging repeat business.


It is also conducted with relatively low overhead costs, so you don't need a tonne of employees, designers or marketing analysts. You certainly won't need to pay postal mailing costs, phone lines or advertising rates. And as a bonus, you’ll also be helping to save the planet by reducing the number of trees killed for print marketing purposes.


With the use of Social Share buttons, forwarding an email with an enticing offer, or piece of information, only takes seconds for users to share with someone who they think may benefit from your offer. That means your marketing effort has not only a wider reach but also an added network reach with people who, by forwarding the email, are now recommending your brand.


By segmenting particular groups within your market, you can set targeted campaigns allowing you to personalise, greet and target every person directly. Also, by using segmentation, you can send messages to smaller groups within your larger list to improve results - increasing sales conversions through more localised content.


Our service tracks how your email is doing, providing you with valuable information about what types of emails are getting the best results including bounced messages, click through rate, conversation rate, how someone arrived at your site and more.


Finally, in agreement with UK & US law, all emails contain a choice to opt-in, or opt-out, which helps to shorten your list of prospects. That may sound like a bad thing, but it's much better to have people on your mailing list that want to hear your message. When they are tired of what you have to say, they can unsubscribe at their discretion. Having quality leads in your mailing list has a much larger potential for getting better results and can reach a substantial amount of subscribers in a short time.

Over 2.5 billion people worldwide use email with that number estimated to rise to 2.8bn by 2018. That's 85% of all online users sending and receiving emails on a regular basis, with most users checking for critical updates daily.


Email Marketing Services setup, write, design and manage your marketing campaigns, while providing you with detailed feedback on the effectiveness of your emails.


All of your emails combine unique content, written by crackerjack copywriters, and the latest marketing software to produce professional marketing emails that get results.

Our competitive rates start at £10 flat rate per email plus 4p per recipient. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

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