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Interactive Advertising

Web-based advertising is one of the most inexpensive and effective forms of advertising around today. After the initial layout for producing the digital advert the only additional cost is the monthly online hosting fee.


Digital advertising allows users to access other forms of online marketing through the use of interactive links, especially with the rise of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Professional Copywriters produce highly effective written content for all Digital Adverts persuading prospects to take some action such as visit a website or make a purchase. Web designers produce the digital media with custom URLs that can be posted into Emails, Social Media pages and so on.


Newspaper adverts are highly affective for particular types of business. Unfortunately, print

products will never be as interactive in the same way as digital advertising. For example, a newspaper advert may contain a contact number, web address and possibly a social media page.


Whereas a digital advert that can be viewed on computers, phones or tablets can contain a wide range of links that allow users to get in contact at the click of a button or tap of the screen.


They can have buttons that take your reader straight to your Facebook page, Twitter account, contact form, homepage or any other webpage.


The links within an advert could take a prospect to Amazon or EBay to buy products; a blog post or any online content making it a valuable asset when used in conjunction with other online advertising such as Email Marketing and so on.


For instance, a company posts a Digital Advert on its Social Media pages offering a 10% discount on all products in March. The link button says, “Get your 10% discount now”, which then leads customers to the sales pages of the website, where the discounts are offered. See Portfolio for more details.

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