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Copywriting is probably the most widely read of all types of writing. Pick up any newspaper or magazine and inside you will find dozens, maybe hundreds, of advertisements all written by copywriters. Open your morning mail and you're very likely to find advertising, flyers, mail shots, leaflets and brochures, all written by copywriters.


The word 'copy' in this context means any written communication that is intended for wider distribution via print or other media (e.g. internet, television or radio).


Skilled Copywriters are trained to write copy that literally spells out to your customers, or target audience, exactly why your product or service is right for them - producing copy that is intended to inform (like journalistic copy) but also to advise, influence and persuade.


New websites need copywriters to write fresh unique content that will help to populate the site with engaging information that puts readers in a buying mood.

Content written for online markets has increased the demand for copywriters who produce effective website sales pages, as well as SEO (search engine optimization) setup and articles.


Business blogging and micro-blogging have become the new way of communicating with your customers on a personal level allowing online one to one communication with your customers. This is beneficial for people seeking answers to their queries in a setting that suits them.  


Written content for the web follows a slightly different set of rules to print media, allowing your readers to read what’s on the screen much easier. By knowing what works well online, and what doesn’t, is an important skill of a Copywriter.


Since most people online are searching for particular information knowing your readers means that the copy written for every website (or email) is designed to target a particular niche market.


Emails and E-zines have become even more popular since the smartphone and tablet revolution, and more and more people are consuming digital media in their daily lives. Marketing emails have become widely accepted and are the best way of reaching existing customers.

Copy for online markets

E-commerce websites in particular benefit from the skills of copywriters who are trained to write compelling product descriptions that tempt visitors with seductive descriptions, rather than just copying the manufacturer’s specifications.


The main aim of copywriting is to sell your company's products or services. However, this is by no means the only possible aim. Any organisation that is trying to persuade someone to take some particular action can use the services of Copywriters. For instance, recruitment copywriting, charities and voluntary organisations, political parties, welfare rights campaigns, government anti-smoking campaigns, press releases and other public relations projects.


From single articles to entire projects, Copywriters can act as your single source, or as part of a team, producing unique content that is designed to persuade your readers to take some kind of action, i.e. Make a purchase, donate, sign up to a newsletter, join a mailing list and so on.


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