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Noble Editors:

Our editor’s role is to make sure your text is communicating the message that is intended. This may mean that a copy editor makes some textual adjustments, changing words or rephrasing sentences in order to provide clarity, by evaluating your:


• spelling, punctuation and hyphenation,

• grammar,

• publisher’s house style,

• various heading styles and layouts,

• factual errors,

• potential libellous statements,

• appropriate capitalisation,

• sentences for fragmentation or poor structure,

• possessives and plurals,

• subject-verb agreement.


Our competitive rates start from 12p per word or £12 per hour. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

Copy editor

Liaising with artists, illustration providers and proofreaders is also covered with our services.The advent of computer spelling checkers in most word processor programs has made some people lazy. What’s the point of learning how to spell when the computer will sort it all out? However, the computer’s spelling is only as accurate as the built-in dictionary it uses. Commonly confused words are the main culprits and you’ll be surprised how many mistakes there can be in a piece of text that the word processor didn’t pick up on.


Being able to email entire typescripts back and forth between proofreader/copy-editor/publisher not only reduces costs but it reduces the chances of the document getting lost in the post too. And it’s much quicker!

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