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It's easy to forget how new the Internet really is; starting in 1989, the World Wide Web originally only began with 50 people sharing web pages. Today, at least 500 million people use the web every week and there are over 180 million websites - a figure still increasing steadily. For many people, the net has become an essential part of their everyday life.


The internet is a constantly changing and evolving medium, but one thing that never changes is the power of the written word. The net revolves around it, and it could not have become the worldwide success story it is today without it.


Having a snazzy-looking web page isn't enough on its own. To get visitors on to your site and keep them there, you need well-written, interesting, copy that is specifically written for your particular target market, taking into consideration certain techniques that put your target audience in a buying mood, or at least convincing them to take some action, such as sign up for a catalogue and so forth.


Who's going to provide that for them? I hear you ask. Not the techies in the IT department that's for sure. What you need are professional content writers.


Almost every website (or email) is designed to target a particular niche market. Skilled Copywriters produce content aimed at a group of people that have a particular interest in your site.


Every website is different and requires a different level of content, while using certain keywords that attract and retain the users on your website, which is also geared towards SEO (search engine optimisation).


Whether your content is trying to sell or simply educate your readers; the main goal is usually to market, or endorse, some kind of product or service either directly or indirectly. This is done through the written text posted on the webpages themselves or through marketing emails, newsletters, blogs, and so on.


Educational websites that do not sell need to have content that is easy to follow and retain, straight off the screen, taking into consideration page layout and spacing.


Online businesses can benefit from skilled content writers that produce quality content, which in turn translates into higher revenues, literally spelling out to your customers why they should invest in your product.

Snazzy-looking website isn’t enough

Since the flourishing of tablets and smartphones, internet users have taken to reading online more and more including newspapers and magazines, which are still an excellent place to promote your business. Today, there are many other ways of sharing your content through Social Media, Online Articles, Press Releases, Blogs and so on.


Newsletters are still hugely popular with customers that are interested in how your business is doing, especially those who enjoy a discount but then who doesn’t? Ezines (or webzines) are great for reading articles about subjects of interest. Some have subscriptions or contain advertising and can be a good source of revenue.


Promotional emails are at the forefront of online marketing, by having the ability to send information about new products or offers to customers directly into their inboxes, still cannot be surpassed. Building a mailing list can be tough and can take a long time, but if someone has given you their personal email address, either when engaging with your company or organisation in the past or through a signup page on your website, you have a direct personal link with that person, which is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.


It’s sad to see that e-books have begun the inevitable decline of the printed book, but it’s not all doom and gloom. E-books have paved the way for books to be published without a printed equivalent, allowing new unknown authors to get their material out there inexpensively and without the help of a print publisher. However, it is wise to seek the services of a proofreader and copy-editor before attempting any self-publishing.


The use of PDF documents have become the easiest files for internet users to download specific information, which can be read offline as well as becoming indispensable for internet courses and other materials.


Some of this material is written by experts in their field, whilst others will need to hire professional writers for their online publications. The use of Content Writers, Copywriters, Proofreaders and Copy-editors is indispensable in creating quality online content and publications, which is designed to achieve your desired goal.

Online Publications

Written content for online audiences differs slightly because it is generally harder to read off screen than it is in print. Based on research gathered from the Nielsen Research Report, web-users generally ignore extraneous graphics, including distracting flash images. 79% of users scan the page instead of it reading word for word, focusing on headlines and captions. Furthermore reading directly off screen is 25% slower than reading from print which can increase eye strain and tiredness.

Most online users are usually looking for the answer to a question, putting them in a particular mood. If a quick scan doesn't show them the information they need, they won't spend much time searching for it. Creating engaging content that is well presented is all that more important when writing for online markets.

Online vs Print

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