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In today's advertising world, the most important aspect, when deciding when to advertise, is knowing your desired goal or outcome. Do you want your target recipient to visit a store, request a brochure, check out your website? Though of course, the ultimate aim in each case is to generate more sales for your business.


Advertising is just one part of your overall selling goal, for instance, your advert may tempt a customer into your shop, or on to your website, where you can then further persuade the interested party to make a sale.


The most basic of advertisements is of course the newspaper classified ads. Though this type of advertising is normally used by individuals and small businesses - a well placed ad in a trade magazine or similar can often make a huge difference, and fortunes have been made of the back of them. They can be as simple as two lines under a specific heading e.g. Electrical, to full page colour display adverts used by large companies incorporating company logos, enquiry forms, vouchers etc.


Online advertising, such as Google search ads, appear alongside the search engines result page, when a user types in a particular query. These ads are known as pay-per-click ads, in which advertisers pay for each time an advert is clicked on by search engine users and is an effective way of advertising online.


Increased traffic & revenue through advertising

Advertising is a great way of getting your products or services seen by the masses, but for the most part, it is normally only one part of a company’s overall marketing plan.


Copywriters produce written content for a number of different print and digital products, such as brochures, leaflets, sales letters, press releases, newsletters and so forth.


These promotional materials go hand in hand with advertising, by building a successful marketing campaign. For instance, a professionally written marketing email designed to encourage your recipients to click on to your digital advert, persuade your clients to request a press pack, or visit a webpage and so on.

Initially, skilled copywriters are used to produce fully researched, persuasive copy, taking into consideration your target audiences positioning and demographics. For instance, copy written for females seeking fashionable budget clothing, will need to be written in a different style, to content aimed at affluent over-55s planning for their retirement - making sure the appropriate language and tone is used throughout.


After your copy is written, graphic designers then work their magic to design your finished advert, working around the persuasive copy to produce eye catching promotional material, or products..  


Advertising can come in many different forms, for instance, article marketing has become hugely successful in online advertising, using written content to attract more traffic to your website, through the use of search engines. Social Media is an inexpensive tool when spreading the word of your business through sharing sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Digital advertising has become an interactive way to promote your products or services. Having an advert posted on a webpage can have many linked buttons added to it, such as Twitter, Facebook, sign up to a Mailing List, enter a competition and so on. Digital adverts can be posted on Social Media sites, email marketing campaigns, promotional material on your company’s website, and so on.

Overall marketing strategies

Marketing materials have come a long way in the last 20 years, with huge advances in online applications, and in the way that they are delivered to your potential customers. Print products such as brochures, leaflets, mail shots and other press advertising are hugely successful marketing materials, and work well in particular sectors, such as tourism. Though these methods can be more expensive, they will attract genuine leads for your business.


Having many marketing materials that complement one another is the key to a successful marketing campaign. These can include press releases, catalogues, newsletters, product sheets, brochures, case histories, presentation folders, specification sheets, manuals, posters, product insert sheets, recruitment materials - the list is endless.


All of your marketing materials should have some kind of continuity by design, and by the stage of functionality. For instance a leaflet may contain only a small snippet of information to entice a reader to visit your company’s Facebook page. From there they are encouraged further to visit your website. There they can then be persuaded through the written content on your site to take some action, whether to buy and so on.  


The more products you have in your marketing campaign the more exposure your company is getting, with a spiders web of materials that funnel (and filter) your customers towards your desired goal.


Online materials are much cheaper to

Marketing Materials

Copywriting advert Marketing Package Advertising advert

produce and distribute because once you have paid out for the initial production cost, i.e. writers, graphic designers, photographers, it is fairly inexpensive to upload onto the web. For instance, an online brochure can be downloaded from your website and printed off by your potential customers, or viewed on a laptop or Tablet, saving you the cost of production and distribution.


A professional website with excellent content is at the heart of all online marketing campaigns. Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media pages aren’t enough on their own, but can act as a good way of directing traffic to your site, as well as being an excellent place to advertise. Blogs have become an essential part of the marketing mix, offering information to your existing and potential customers without the hard sell.


The most successful forms of online marketing is through email, with the use of legally obtained mailing lists, preferably one you have acquired yourself, to promote your products or services to people that have willingly given you their personal email address - who will be at least mildly interested in what you have to offer.


The potential for print and online materials is endless, though starting with a Basic Marketing Package is ideal for businesses that have a very little promotional materials or online presence. A solid marketing campaign doesn’t happen overnight with other products and materials being produced and added over time, to suit a company’s budget.

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