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Non-Persuasive Communication:

Many businesses make use of their company blog as an inexpensive way of keeping their customers up to date, whether it is a charity event, a free open day or simply wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Being there to offer assistance to your customers goes a long way when building a friendly brand.


For instance, a hotel may offer regular updates on local events, in and around the town, where the hotel is situated. By offering up-to-date articles on local activities, beaches, bars, clubs and restaurants while, of course, mentioning the hotel from time to time is a powerful tool. Letting customers know about the things that interest them will ignite their desire to come a make a visit, making travel writing a fun thing to read while also selling the dream.


Having articles that are more journalistic in nature can highlight issues that may require your services in the future. Offering some free information from time to time helps to build a relationship with your customers while also instilling confidence in the knowledge you have about your products and services.


Organisations such as charities and clubs use copywriters to help build a community of followers. This could be an online community or one that invites people to get involved with local events. Offer your followers some free information today, and they may become regular customers in the future.

Public Relations is all important in your overall marketing mix. Generally, these are articles do not try to sell but merely inform and educate your clients on recent developments, such as new technologies, upcoming products or simply hints and tips that, while promoting your products, do not attempt the hard-sell.


There are many ways to communicate with your customers without being too intrusive:


•  Blogging

•  Micro-blogging

•  Social Media

•  Press releases

•  Press packs

•  Newsletters

•  Courtesy emails

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