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Hired Pens:

Copywriters mostly cater towards commercial writing services, however Noble Wordsmiths can also act as your ‘hired pens’. As skilled writers, we can turn our hands to a wide range of writing tasks, such as freelance journalism, travel writing, letter writing, email response services and even virtual assistants.


Other possible commercial writing projects can include:


•  Getting suitable candidates to apply for a job (Recruitment copywriting)

•  Persuading people to donate time or money

•  Changing people's voting intentions (Political parties)

•  Encouraging people to claim benefits due to them (Welfare rights campaigns)

•  Getting people to protest about something (Pressure groups)  

•  Stopping people doing something (Government anti-smoking campaigns)

•  Persuading newspapers to write about your clients (Press releases)

All writing projects are considered: Perhaps English is not your first language and you need an impeccable letter written. Or you need someone to act as customer support when you're out of the office. Possibly you need somebody to write a weekly blog post to keep your website fresh and up to date with current information. Or maybe you would like an article written about a recent charity event and so on.

Hired Pens

Our competitive rates start from 6p per word or £12 per hour. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

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