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Copywriting Services covers a wide range of written materials that need to be fluent, readable, informative, and persuasive to engage your prospects interest (and emotions), while carrying your reader wherever you wish them to go. For instance, to make a sale, visit a website, request a catalogue, sign up to a newsletter and so on. Copy is written to suit your style, company's public image, target audience and for the medium the content will appear.

Persuasive Communication

Non-persuasive Communication

Public relations writing used as ‘good will’ marketing, such as online content, article marketing, newsletters, blogs and so on are all excellent ways of promoting your company without the hard sell. Tending to be more journalistic in a nature, it is regarded as an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

Most copywriting is written for commercial purposes; however Copywriting Services also covers recruitment copywriting, charities and voluntary organisations, letters and emails, travel writing, pressure groups, government anti-smoking campaigns and much more!

Hired Pens

Copywriting Services:

Noble Wordsmiths rates start at 6p per word, or £12 per hour - including research time.

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Noble Wordsmiths freelance writing services: to inform, advise, influence and persuade your potential customers to buy your products or services. Whether you require copy for your advertising needs, bringing your company, or organisation, to the attention of the people in your target market or for fresh unique content for a website or other online marketing - all of your writing needs are accommodated by professional writers.

Commercial Writing Services

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