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Commercial Writing Services:

Noble Wordsmiths writes fluent, readable, persuasive writing that communicates knowledge of your product, or service, to your target customers, by means of press advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotions and so on. Having good, clean, crisp, hard-working copy gives your customers reasons to dig into their wallets and buy your product (And not someone else’s). There are many types of advertising platforms where you can take advantage of a copywriter’s skills:


•  Press advertising

•  Brochures and leaflets

•  Sales letters

•  Direct response (mail shots)

•  Advertorials (promotional articles)

•  Newsletters (for customers or employees)

•  Point-of-sale literature

•  Sales promotions e.g. consumer contests

•  Catalogues

•  Job advertisements

•  Web pages

•  Emails

•  Email newsletters and e-zines (electronic magazines)


When writing your documents, copywriters use information provided, taking into account your unique selling points, specific target markets and corporate style where required, or helping to improve existing copy to improve its effectiveness.

Commercial Writer

Commercial writing uses specific sales techniques to persuade your customers to take some kind of action. On the internet, it could be to buy directly from your e-commerce website, make a visit to your store, or sign up to a newsletter and so on. Or print and online brochures that showcase what you have to offer.


Whatever your purpose, commercial writers:


•  get your customers' attention,

•  help your customers understand the product or service,

•  get people to believe in the benefits being offered,

•  make people want to buy,

•  improve your business's image and reputation,

•  get someone to take action (e.g. fill in a coupon or make a phone call).

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Our competitive rates start from 6p per word or £12 per hour. Please contact us for more info and pricing.