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The man that time forgot

The Man That Time Forgot by Alan Mechem and Paul Mitchell


Just open any book or talk to any history professor and they’ll tell you that history is filled with nothing but glorious battles, great leaders, plagues, large fires, earthquakes, famous inventors, Egyptians and Louis Pasteur.


This couldn’t be further from the truth. History, in fact, is filled with a whole lot of nothing.


Andrew Adams knows that only too well.


He’s an ordinary man living his life in the all too abundant and mundane spaces between those great moments. Just like all ordinary men he spends much of his life wondering what the point of it all is, struggling to form meaningful relationships or find his place in society. Andrew’s life follows a daily routine much like that of many others: he wakes up, does the minimum required to get himself through the day - careful not to learn too much or create a lasting impression on anyone - and then goes back to bed ...

amazonlargelogo Meeting Boudicca

Meeting Boudicca by C.A. Powell 


Cartimandua of Brigantes encounters the Iceni Warrior Queen


Queen Boudicca is defeated. Her Iceni and other British allies are dead or fleeing from the vengeance of unmerciful Rome. The beaten Iceni Warrior queen awaits her poison elixir which will aid her departure from life while the waiting druids wish to bury her in a secret place.


However, before Boudicca can complete her final and drastic act; a messenger arrives with news of a potential alliance. The Brigantes Queen Cartimandua may be able to offer a new pact against Rome. This is confusing because Cartimandua is loyal to Rome and has betrayed other Britons who fought Rome in the past.


Cartimandua is equally perplexed. She has no desire to aid Boudicca and fears the Iceni queen. Could both sovereigns be pawns in another participants’ ploy? To find the culprits of the conspiracy, Cartimandua chooses to indulge the inappropriate consultation of two very different British queens.

amazonlargelogo Last Days of thunder cover

The Last Days of Thunderchild by C.A. Powell


Pastiche story from H.G. Wells' WAR OF THE WORLDS from the perspective of H.M.S. Thunder Child's Royal Navy crew. The year is 1898 and the story unfolds through the eyes of an ironclad crew and a land based Ministry of Defence clerk; Mister Albert Stanley. Gradually everyone moves towards the dreadful outcome as the strange alien tripods rampage around Victorian Britain.

amazonlargelogo Black tan summer

Ireland: Summer of 1920 by C.A. Powell


Father John wanted to keep his village of Cafgarven free from trouble. However, the surrounding countryside was in the grip of a rebellion against Great Britain’s Crown forces. He found himself caught up in the horrid conflict of tit-for-tat murder when two individuals from either side of the struggle came to him for help. One was a Fenian rebel from a decimated flying column; the other was a young English Black and Tan.


Author News:

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"It's Michael Palin meets An Idiot Abroad"

"An exciting blend of nonfictional and fictional elements"

"Quality Sci-Fi That's Fun To Read"

"Touching Tale of Irish Troubles"

"A thoroughly enjoyable romp through time!"


Chimp Plan: Z by Alan Mechem and Paul Mitchell


Did you ever wonder what monkeys did with the parts they steal from vehicles? Henry and his monkey friends want nothing more than to escape Junglepride Car Safari. Using detailed plans, each more wacky than the last, the monkeys attempt to escape their enclosure but fail each time.


That is, until the zaniest and most dangerous plan of them all: Chimp Plan: Z. However, although the plan works, not everything goes to plan and Henry finds himself transported to a strange place with not another monkey in sight. Lost and alone, he realises that maybe escaping wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Now, with the help of a magical ship and a host of peculiar characters he meets on the way, Henry must find a way to rescue his friends and make it back to Junglepride.


"Fabulous for children, and as an adult enjoyed it too"

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A Learning Curve takes readers on an interesting series of adventures through Southeast Asia. With a carefully selected amalgam of different stories from the author's own amusing expeditions to tales of ancient history, famous travellers, and legends that can be followed easily - giving A Learning Curve a kind of treasure map quality … with Asia being the prize.


Traveller, writer, foodie and everything in between, Paul Raftery has spent over seven years muddling his way through five of Southeast Asia's countries in pursuit of knowledge; while attempting to follow in the footsteps of some of history's most successful travellers.


Following his personal journey, he entertains with humorous stories and funny situations when trying to make sense of it all; while he takes an interesting look at how trade has shaped the world, and how port towns rose up along the shorelines of many trade routes that still exist today.


While discovering a world that some may find surprising, even shocking, he shows how knowledge of a place can open up a window into a spellbinding world that has long since passed, which can really make a place come alive.


His personal travels not only entertain but also follow an exciting path that many wood-be travellers, visiting Asia, can see for themselves. From his interest in learning a little about religion, culture and customs, his investigations into historical locations uncover some interesting facts and near miss events - like how Britain, Europe and possibly even America avoided becoming a predominantly Islamic continent as the religion spread across the globe over 700 years ago.


This story is one of legends, bizarre encounters and one of the greatest travellers' tales ever told. While discovering the perils of not making proper provisions; he also tells of a journey of Western influence, conflict, torture, conspiracy and personal tragedy.


All of these chance events, meetings and more put him on a path, which finally led him to a point on the map where it all fell into place, and he realised he had gone full circle. During his adventures, he visited Thailand, Malaysia, China, India and Japan. Here is what he saw; here he what he learnt; here is what he left behind ...