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Noble Wordsmiths is a UK-based independent organisation that develops and delivers high-quality, cost-effective content and materials for a broad range of private and public sector clients.


Our freelance services are customer led and include all, or any part, of the following:


Copywriting Services - producing documents from scratch using information provided, taking into account unique selling points, specific target markets and corporate style where required. Offering commercial writing that persuades your prospects to take action, such as buy your products, sign up for a newsletter, visit a website and so on.


Proofreading & Copyediting existing copy to enhance its impact, readability, effectiveness, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Having important documents evaluated so they are well presented, and free from errors, ensures your important written work is of a high standard. Book Services currently offers Free Kindle Formatting for projects over 60,000 words.


Article Marketing - the latest way of advertising your business by providing useful information to your customers on how your products can better serve them, without the hard sell. Website Content that persuades potential customers to take action, whether to buy your products, visit your store, download your brochure and so on.


Writing engaging and persuasive content for website pages including Home, E-commerce, Products, Services, Events, Promotions and more! Content Marketing has now become one of the most effective ways of advertising your business through web searches, offering customers unique information, which increases traffic to your site.


Blog setup and maintenance on Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, BlogSpot or any other platform on your behalf - designed with your company logo, slogan, colours and style in mind. Commercial blogging is a highly useful tool in online marketing, keeping your site fresh and up to date with new content, encouraging repeat visits from existing and potential customers.

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Email Response Services for busy professionals and businesses that require a prompt and timely reply to customer enquiries and complaints. Well written and concise answers that deal with clients in an authoritative and polite manner.


Custom made websites featuring highly effective content designed to engage your prospects with numerous options for further website development, allowing for even more opportunities to connect with your customers.


Digital Advertising (landing pages) for small businesses to promote products, services or organisations that offer competitions, book promotions, free downloads and so on. All designed with links to social media, websites and selling pages such as EBay and Amazon. This highly efficient and affordable approach to advertising is integrated with your current Facebook or Twitter status, allowing prospects to interact with your business effortlessly.

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Email Marketing designed and written to advertise and promote products and services directly to your clients and prospects. This low-cost marketing channel is a highly useful tool, whether you are a small business with a limited amount of resources or a large corporation with many internet marketing options from which to choose. Even with the emergence of popular Social Media sites, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote your business.


Mailing list setup and efficient email marketing campaigns: maintaining personal relationships with customers, while offering information on new services and discounts that encourage customers to return again and again.


Travel Writing describing holiday destinations for travel websites, brochures, hotel booking pages, or populating websites with current travel information. Producing writing that sells dreams, by painting a bright and vivid picture for your customers - providing services for travel consultancy, travel agents and online web chat services.

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